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Why Every Christian Should Tithe

Tithing is clearly explained in the bible. Every Christian is expected to give 10% of their tithe to the church to help those that are less fortunate in the community and to assist in the daily running costs of the church.
This is a great way to help ensure that those who are not fortunate enough like we enjoy the quality of life we do. Here are some benefits of tithing…

You will Receive More

Being generous in your tithing opens an opportunity for you to receive even more. If you are the type that has a closed fist where you hold your money tight, chances of more money getting in are minimal. But if you are always holding your hand flat, some money will get away from you but that will replaced back and you will come out even better than you actually were.


You Leave a Legacy

By giving your tithe to help those people in need, you are able to have an impact on somebody’s life in the world. Your tithe will have a life changing impact on the people who benefit from it.

You become More Content

When offering your tithe, you are forced to think of others. This process helps you realize that you are better off than others and allows you to be content with what you already have. This doesn’t mean that you do not deserve more or you shouldn’t work hard for more; it simply means that you will be thankful with what you have when get it. I believe that one should be happy whether they have just enough to live a basic lifestyle or have more than you actually need. It’s all our responsibility as Christians to live to our potential and share the increased success by increasing our tithes.

You’re happier

By tithing, you are taking the initiative to help somebody that requires your help and this has a positive impact on your life. People have become so self-centered by solely focusing on their needs and not minding about the needs of those that surround them. A simple act of saving a dog’s life or assisting a person that has become homeless due to circumstances beyond their control leaves you feeling at peace and happier.

You Feel Appreciated

The tithe you contribute has a chance to change another person’s live for the better and they will forever be grateful for that. These changes in that person’s life will also prompt them to want to do the same so that they may also change another person’s life just as theirs was. If you assist a person get through a tough situation in their lives, they are more likely to assist those that they come across that are in a difficult situation and the cycle continues. Think of your tithe like you are planting a seed. When you plant a seed and it germinates, the plant that you helped nurture will go ahead and produce its own seeds and the same process will be repeated.
As part of my tithing, I am taking you up on this difficult task. I challenge you to begin tithing your time, income and energy. Then sit back and watch the fulfillment it will have on your life. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about tithing in the comments below.

The building blocks of a strong Christian life

christia lifeI don’t know you, but to me, salvation is the greatest promise that we could ever receive. That Jesus Christ would step down from his heavenly throne to come and die for my sins and misdeeds is a promise that is incomparable. Another greatest promise is that I can now be able to live a good and sin free life free from the bondage of sins as a Christian and receive a rich welcome into God’s eternal kingdom.

Many of Christians usually think that since Jesus already died for our sins, we can now go ahead and do as we wish. In fact, may take more time concentrating on their bodies, buying the best and most clarifying shampoos (see here) to make their hair more beautiful. Don’t skip BB cream that is meant for oily skin like the ones listed here or the ones meant for other skin types, instead of taking time to pray and draw themselves nearer to God. Well, even though Christ died for us, we still need to ensure we live a Christian life.

Below are the building blocks of strong Christian life:
• Diligence
• Faith
• Moral goodness
• True knowledge
• Perseverance
The above are essential qualities that are intertwined and work together to form a better life in Christ Jesus.

Diligence-this descries the measure of effort that is necessary to get effective life. For you to live a victorious life, you need to put forth an earnest effort to make it happen.

Faith-faith is an assurance that what we cannot see really exists. Faith is worthwhile when put in an object that exists and has the ability to help you in the pursuit for an effective life. This includes putting all your trust in God, believing that He will answer all you prayers.

Moral goodness-this is an attitude precipitated by faith in God when you put your trust in God, regardless of whether you have the knowledge or not, you will want to live a Christian life. You will strive to live a holy and righteous life that honors God.

True knowledge-this is a second attitude that is precipitated by faith in God. When you love and trust in God and his son Jesus Christ as our savior, then you will want to know him better to be able to please him more. We learn about God by regularly reading the bible and attending bible classes in church or school. This way we get the true knowledge from God.

Perseverance-this is the ability to consistently overcome all the temptation hurled your way by the world and the devil. Practicing self-control and perseverance gives you the opportunity to live a life that is fully dedicated to God. Constant defeat brigs guilt and shame on the inability to focus your energy on achieving the best life that God wants you to have.

Even as we strive to please God, unfortunately, we are not perfect as even the perfect Christians in the world stumble over temptations once in a while. Even the bible says that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, God’s grace upon our lives is so great that He always forgives us whenever we go to him for forgiveness. The bible tells us that when we go against Gods will, all we need is to confess and accept that we have sinned and He will cleanse us from all the unrighteousness.

God wants you to win, all you need is to put the above qualities to work for you and you will surely live an effective Christian life.

Worship Should Always Be God Centered

worshiping only GodGod is our creator and the maker of heaven and earth. This is a reason enough for us to worship him. For this reason, we should go before Him and bow before His presence. God demands that we worship Him regardless of the situation, setbacks, or predicaments. Whether you are born again or not, God demands worship from you.

Worship is expressing our devotion and love towards our heavenly father. However, in today’s world, we are so much use to attending church services to get something from it, while in the real sense we should worship God to give Him honor and glory because He is worthy. In psalms 5:7, it is clear that worship allows believers to come under subjection to God’s authority. It is also our opportunity to thank Him for being the maker and creator of everything. Our worship should also exemplify our gratitude for his mercy and grace in setting us free from the bondage of sins. Just like you spend your cash on purchasing some of the best volumizing shampoo (see top recommendations) to make your hair look beautiful, the same way you should devote your time to worship God. In fact, some people go a step further and buy the best deep conditioners to make their hair healthier. If we can do this for our hair, why don’t we do as much as possible to ensure that our God is happy with our worship?

In most cases, Christians find themselves seeking God’s hand but not His face. This can be termed as worshiping God for what He can do for you but not who He is. We usually forget that what we need is not necessarily his hand but his face to shine upon our lives. When we seek and worship Him in true and spirit, He turns His face to us and no evil can befall us. When you worship God so that He can come through for you, this does not build a sincere relationship with Him; instead, you end up missing out on experiencing the inner beauty when God takes you to the holiness to share what He has for you. He will not only share His material possessions but also peace, joy, and happiness.

According to John 4:24, worship is a spiritual experience. This is because God is a spirit and so we need to worship Him with true and spirit. Worship requires a preparation of the heart which means that our ideas, perception, actions, and thoughts need to be governed and led by the Holy Spirit when we worship God.

To majority of people, worship is expressing our love towards God through church services, musical instruments, clapping, singing, and praying but it consists much more. Our entire being needs to be focused on attitude of thanksgiving and an obedience lifestyle to the glory of God. True worship is a continuation of honor and praise to God to what He has done on our lives. We should worship God for sending us His only son as the perfect sacrifice for our sins and giving us the opportunity to have a heavenly home via him.

Worship is an experience that needs t be God centered but not man-centered. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as we worship we develop Christ-like character. The flesh may never comprehend God’s love upon our lives with the absence of the Holy Spirit. This is a confirmation that only a believer can truly please and worship God. This is according to Romans 8:16.


Prayers for peace and well-being

christians and prayersPrayers’ is a solemn request for a help or favor. In ordinary words, prayers can be referred to the communication made to God by human beings. They are a crucial tool in a Christian’s life to seek solace as well as solutions when faced with hardships and intense situations. It is a time tested method that was followed and passed by our ancestors.

You can pray to the almighty God from any place at any given time. This is because our God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and omnipotent. He is always ready to hear your cry whenever you call on him. You can choose to pray to God in your home, in Church, or in any other place. However, most Christians love going to the wild to seek the face of God. If for example you want to pray to your God with no disturbance at all, going outdoors is the best thing. I and some church members planned a prayers camping and it was great. We carried our backpacking tents to protect ourselves from the rain and cold while seeking the face of God. We also carried with us one of the best tactical knives to help us survive in the wild. We stayed in the wild for 2 weeks praying and I really saw God’s faithfulness upon my life.

Prayers are performed in different ways depending on religious, customs, and traditions of the multitude. For this reason, they can be classified into 4 major types:
Devotion-this includes chanting of hymns, mantras, and singing of God’s praise. Christianity is one religion that uses this mode of prayers.

Confession-this involves admitting mistakes and seeking pardon from God is the essence of this prayer. You can go before God and pray while asking for his forgiveness.

Gratitude-this type of prayers involves thanks or acknowledgement to God. You can thank God after answering or fulfilling your heart desires.

Petition-when you desire or sought something, you can make a prayer.

Based on the intention, you can make prayers either private or communal. When you implore for your own needs it is a personal prayer. However, when an individual or a society offers prayers on behalf of other members of the society or even the world, this is a prayer for the common cause. For example, our ancestors used to hold prayers to call on God to bless them with copious rain.

Few people such as saints and religious leaders hold prayers for the welfare of the community. Such prayers make us broad-minded and unselfish, and they help in fetching peace as well as happiness for all. Whenever I come across a sick person, I usually say a simple prayer to God to restore their health. It is always fun hearing that someone recovered from a certain illness. That is why we should always pray. Jesus Christ himself prayed to God every now and then, and that is how He was able to conquer every trial. For example, when chief priests came to arrest Him, He was peaceful because He had just come from the mountain to pray and God had strengthened Him.

We all need to realize that despite our religion, God is there for us all and He is smarter beyond human comprehension and he knows what is best for each and every one of us. He may not always answer your prayers in the way you expect, but this does not mean that He did not hear you. He gave us the gift of prayers to not only talk to him but also heal our bodies and better cope with life challenges. Through prayers, we learn patience, hope, love, forgiveness, and true happiness. No wonder some biblical scholars term prayers as God’s greatest gift to mankind.