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The True Meaning of Christmas to Christians

christmasChristmas is just around the corner and Christians from all over the world are already getting ready for this great holiday. This Christians festival has become so popular that almost every nation now observe this day as a public holiday to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Many spend this holiday sharing some of the most expensive vodka in the world, with many even preferring to join beer of the month club to get to taste the most expensive beer from all over the world before others does. This is just how much Christians adore and value this December holiday. Christmas means different things to different folks, but, what is the meaning and importance of celebrating Christmas? This article seeks to explain more.

A day to show love
Jesus Christ is the reason as to why we celebrate Christmas and it is believed that He was born on 25th December in a manger since there was no room for him in the whole of Bethlehem. According to the bible in the book of john chapter 3 verse 16, it says that for God so loved the world, He gave His only son to die for our sins. As Christians, it is our responsibility to love others especially during Christmas. Love is the real essence of life is because it covers all what Jesus Christ represents.

Sharing with others
Christmas is a period whereby we share things with our loved ones and also with the needy. Some people share foods, gifts, drinks, and any other thing that can bring joy to others. Seeing people share Christmas cards is very common full of encouragement and wish messages. There are numerous things that we can share with friends, family members, and even neighbors. During this season, Christians are joyful and very eager to give since they believe that there is joy in sharing, which is very true.

Forgiveness is one of the main essential of true love and during Christmas reconciliation usually takes place. Divided families find themselves coming together during this season since disputes are settled and reconciliation is achieved. The essence of reconciling Christians back to God highlights the importance of letting go of the hurt meted out to us.

During Christmas, new relationships are formed and old relationships strengthened during this festive season. The advancement of internet has increasingly made the sharing of hand-made cards to drop, and there are also e-cards to increase astronomically. There are also social websites that are always flooded during this festive season and friends share the joy and exchange gifts regardless of the distance.

The essence of Christmas goes beyond just showing love and care or even building new relationships, it also involves carrying out self-meditation and make adjustments where necessary. This is because with so many parties and celebrations, some tend to forget the benefits derived from Jesus Christ’s death. I remember when a certain friend came by the house during last year’s Christmas and found us all celebrating and drinking and he said, “Hey guys, can you at least go slowly on drinks, its Jesus’s birthday not yours.” It was so fun that we all burst into laughs making it more fun, especially when he joined in. We are counting days to Christmas and it feels like eternity. I can’t wait to have fun.