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Learn more about Jesus Christ and Easter

jesus and easter 2The Easter story is at the heart of Christianity as its message proclaims Jesus Christ as our savior and the light of the world. Jesus resurrection claims victory over death and it also opens our eyes to the spiritual reality giving us confident hope for an eternal life in heaven with God the creator of heaven and earth. This is the heart of a Christian faith and belief that surely becomes a living expression of the hope that God has brought into this world through Christ Jesus.

Every Christian treasures Easter and the wonderful traditions that surround it. It is a grand festival that is celebrated in numerous countries around the world. People celebrate in every way; they cook different types of food to share with friends and family. Some even make an attempt to look for a good fillet knife to prepare delicious food.People never forget about soups and so don’t forget to get a good grinder for your herb needs (here are some good picks) to make the best soup for celebrations. As Easter excitement fills the air, churches prepare to celebrate and honor the glory and power of the resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Religious significance of Easter
The essential inspiration of Jesus Christ from His birth, His life, His Death, His resurrection to eternal life and glory has remains to be of tremendous influence to mankind. His words about God of love, hope, mercy, forgiveness, and repentance is still and will always be a guide and comfort to those seeking salvation.

His crucifixion and resurrection occurred about two thousand years ago and it is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and is also documented by Roman, Greek, and Jewish historians. From that foundation, Christianity grew forming numerous branches from ancient Jerusalem. Christian church came to be after many sufferings and martyrdom since many of ancient Christians were thrown into lion’s den, stoned to death, beaten, and even crucified to stop them from talking about this gospel.However, as a result of the faith they had in Christ, they laid down their life for their faith as the ultimate proof of their complete confidence in the truth of their message.

That special Sunday (Easter)
Palm Sunday is celebrated on Sunday before Easter. This is to portray how Jesus made a triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey on a Sunday on a Sunday. He came as a humble messiah as prophesied by prophet Zachariah but people in Jerusalem greeted him as king of Israel with palm branches. After his crucifixion on a Friday, he rose from the dead on a Sunday morning and so Christian faithful dedicates this day by attending church service to hear God’s voice and to find Christ the savior.

Cross of Christ
Every year in Good Friday, the bells of every Christian church all over the world begin to toll, lamenting Christ’s death. Christian faithful will once again walk his footsteps with great devoutness on this day that Christ Jesus was crucified and died on the cross for our sins. Good Friday marks His death while Easter Sunday marks His resurrection from the dead. Throughout history, millions of people have walked this path to follow Jesus in a spirit of sincere reverence and faith carrying the cross of Jesus Christ.

The last supper
Holy Communion represents the last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. It is the blood of Jesus that Jesus shed on the cross, and his body that was tortured on the cross and it is given in form of bread and wine.When we as Christians participate in the Eucharist, we receive the gift of forgiveness that cleanses the soul and opens the pathways to the promise of eternal life in the kingdom of God.

According to the bible, God loved the world so much that He gave his only Son to be tortured and killed for the sake of mankind. His death and resurrection makes us free from the bondage of sin and that is why every Christian cherishes Easter.