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Overcoming Rejection in your life requires faith in Christ Jesus

overcoming rejectionAs human beings, we have an innate need which is to be accepted, valued, and loved. These are natural needs that every person on earth cherishes and wants in life and this is the reason as to why rejection negatively affects many. God created human beings to be in good relationship with fellow humans, including you. However, as a result of sin in the world, we are destined to suffer failures, heartaches, and even rejection in our lives, unless our relationship with God is once again restored. As the bible says, with God everything is possible and so even rejection can be overcome if we put our trust in God.

Accepting Jesus as Lord in your life

Without God, we are all nothing. It is only by accepting Christ as your personal savior that you can be able to overcome rejection, jealousy, bitterness, and hatred in your life. At times, people try to get rid of the feeling of rejection by engaging in addictions such as alcohol and drugs. Jesus is the only person who can offer real comfort and contentment on how to be happy in life. Just trust in God as you pray to be able to empty the bitterness and emptiness in your heart. Jesus himself knows rejection. Remember He was continuously rejected by mankind to an extent of being crucified. Even if you drop hundreds of server resumes without a single interview, continue believing in God, don’t give up, find lots of samples to perfect your resume, and you will soon get your dream job.

Accept and forgive yourself for your failures in life and believe in yourself

If rejection is not controlled, it can turn to jealousy, then to anger, and if you do not control anger, it will turn to hatred which in full bloom gives birth to death if not controlled. Just as Christ died on the cross for our sins to demonstrate the full measure of his forgiveness, and granting eternal life for whoever believes in Him, the same way you should not only forgive yourself but also others. Graveyards are full of people who died without making amends with themselves as well as with others. Life is too short to live with bitterness without enjoying what it has to offer. Just accept your failures, forgive yourself, and concentrate on moving on with your life. This may sound funny, but at times we need to learn a lesson from dogs. Regardless of a dog’s size, whether a dog is medium sized or small sized, he keeps on barking where necessary without having to worry about the danger involved.

Think, reflect and learn from the rejection
The optimist in me believes that we learn from experiences, both good and bad. It is obvious that at times you can be rejected without an apparent reason and so you should learn not to give it much thought. However, at times people are aware of the reasons they are rejected and so you should learn from that and rectify your life to be accepted.

Develop a positive attitude and move forward in life
Majority of people are stuck in reverse in their lives as a result of past hurts, disappointments and rejection. You can have the best goals and development plans, but if you are stuck in the past rejections and disappointments, you will never move forward as a result of your negative attitude. You need to develop a positive attitude and embrace a positive thinking and outlook in your life. If you learn to think positively, rejection will not only be a vocabulary, but will be out of your life all together.

Always remember that the biggest room in the whole world is a room known as self improvement. Trust in Jesus and get hold of your life to live a stress free life.