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Why Every Christian Should Tithe

Tithing is clearly explained in the bible. Every Christian is expected to give 10% of their tithe to the church to help those that are less fortunate in the community and to assist in the daily running costs of the church.
This is a great way to help ensure that those who are not fortunate enough like we enjoy the quality of life we do. Here are some benefits of tithing…

You will Receive More

Being generous in your tithing opens an opportunity for you to receive even more. If you are the type that has a closed fist where you hold your money tight, chances of more money getting in are minimal. But if you are always holding your hand flat, some money will get away from you but that will replaced back and you will come out even better than you actually were.


You Leave a Legacy

By giving your tithe to help those people in need, you are able to have an impact on somebody’s life in the world. Your tithe will have a life changing impact on the people who benefit from it.

You become More Content

When offering your tithe, you are forced to think of others. This process helps you realize that you are better off than others and allows you to be content with what you already have. This doesn’t mean that you do not deserve more or you shouldn’t work hard for more; it simply means that you will be thankful with what you have when get it. I believe that one should be happy whether they have just enough to live a basic lifestyle or have more than you actually need. It’s all our responsibility as Christians to live to our potential and share the increased success by increasing our tithes.

You’re happier

By tithing, you are taking the initiative to help somebody that requires your help and this has a positive impact on your life. People have become so self-centered by solely focusing on their needs and not minding about the needs of those that surround them. A simple act of saving a dog’s life or assisting a person that has become homeless due to circumstances beyond their control leaves you feeling at peace and happier.

You Feel Appreciated

The tithe you contribute has a chance to change another person’s live for the better and they will forever be grateful for that. These changes in that person’s life will also prompt them to want to do the same so that they may also change another person’s life just as theirs was. If you assist a person get through a tough situation in their lives, they are more likely to assist those that they come across that are in a difficult situation and the cycle continues. Think of your tithe like you are planting a seed. When you plant a seed and it germinates, the plant that you helped nurture will go ahead and produce its own seeds and the same process will be repeated.
As part of my tithing, I am taking you up on this difficult task. I challenge you to begin tithing your time, income and energy. Then sit back and watch the fulfillment it will have on your life. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about tithing in the comments below.

Who Is This Child Jesus?

At this time of year, kids from all over the world are busy making wish lists and hoping Santa Claus will stuff their stockings with the latest toys and gadgets. They flash-back to the toys they received last Christmas when all dreams came true and so they are waiting with anticipation for a Christmas morning to arrive.

Another season of celebrations have come, it is Christmas time, it is time to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, but then, who is this baby Jesus. People just love Christmas but they take less to think of how precious that day that a king was born and why it is so important for Christians to keep remembering that day, about 2000 years ago. In fact, many takes more time thinking of how to make more money, how much truck drivers make per year (answer is here if you are wondering), and when they realize they earn a good pay, they spend even more time searching for a company that offers CDL training to join. Sadly, they rarely take time to think of Christmas and its importance and meaning in our lives. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have a clear idea of who Jesus is.


In the book of Isaiah 9:6 the bible says; for to us the child is given and the government shall be on his shoulder. His name shall be the wonderful counselor, the mighty God, Everlasting father, and the price of peace. All these are Jesus’s titles. In Matthew 1:21, it says, and she shall bring forth a son and you shall call him Jesus because He shall save people from sins.


Christmas celebrations is more than partying and visiting loved ones, however, the main reason for the holiday is usually ignored. Many fail to understand that there is power in acknowledging baby Jesus. But when you do so, you encounter Him and the power He carries.


A child is born in the house of David, but what is special about this particular baby? He came with a specified mission from God, and when He completed it He was no more since his completion required His death on the cross.


The baby Jesus was born to save humankind from the bondage of sins and the works of Satan. In 1 John 3:8 and 1 John 1:7, Jesus is the savior of the whole world. There is no other name that can save you but the name of Christ Jesus. In John 3:16, it says, and God for the love He had for the world, He gave his only son Jesus to die on the cross, that whoever believes in Him do not perish but have everlasting life.


Jesus came to bridge the gap between humankind and God, to restore the original relationship they had in the garden of Aden. He was to restore all what was lost when Adam sold out to the devil, and help you reign in life. This is according to romans 5:7.


Who is this child Jesus? He is called wonderful because He is full of wonders. His wonders have never ended even after His death on the cross; His name is still working miracles today. He is a great counselor, mighty God, and the prince of peace because He is the one who brings peace into your soul and between you and God.


Surely, it is time to rejoice and make merry because about 2000 years ago God’s chosen vessel for humankind redemption was born. Today, you are a free man in Christ Jesus, as long as you accept Him as your lord and savior. Rejoice and be glad in the lord! Merry Christmas!

Teaching Children About God And Faith

sunday  schoolChildren are so innocent and they often belief everything that is explained to them in ways that they can understand. The subject of faith and God are very complex, but children can be made to understand them in the simpler ways that they understand. Although they may not see God, they can believe in Him because of what the Bible says He is and because of what He does. Actually, the moment children accept that the earth and all that is it were created by God, then they have already shown what faith is. Faith is believing in the things that we cannot see.
Teaching children about faith and God is not as difficult as most people seem to think. Children are already aware of God and this just helps to clarify some things that they may be having questions about.
After taking a break from school, I decided to drop my samples of office manager resume in a church run school. Although I am still waiting for them to get back to me, I am a volunteer Sunday school teacher. I also met another Sunday school teacher who is a cna. She is still in school, but is looking for a part-time job as a cna and when she is not busy, she takes copies of her cna resume to different companies. I love teaching kids about God and faith. Here is what I teach them about God and faith.
Let them understand God
Teach children to always associate Gods creation with the ability to make things here on earth, although he cannot be seen or touched physically. Explain to them in practical terms who God is. For instance, you can take the Genesis creation account, read it with a child then walk outside and ask the child to show you what things God created. Let the child know that God created all living things so that we could enjoy them and we have a responsibility in taking care of them.
Provide kids with an understanding of faith
Discuss faith with children in terms of trust. Tell them that faith means to trust God who cannot be seen, to do what he has promised. For instance, ask the child if you told her you were going to buy her some ice cream next week, would she believe it? In most instances, she will say ‘yes’ because she knows that you are capable of doing it. Tell them that God is the same way. What he says he is able to do in the Bible he is able to do it.
Allow children to experience God and faith themselves
Teach children to always pray to God and ask for something from him. Let them know that it is only God who can make the decision about the request. God can either say yes, no, or wait. After the child makes the request, tell her to continue doing the things they do normally because God will reveal to them the answer. Sometimes, you may need to help the child to identify the answer God gives them.
Make every opportunity a learning moment
If the child is sick or someone else is, teach the child that God can choose to heal sick people if he wants to. You can ask the child to request God to heal the sick person. If the sick person recovers, then tell the kid that God has healed that person so that they could serve him. If the person dies, tell them that God took away that person so that they could stop suffering.

How Did God Create the Universe?

universeDid God really create the universe? Does God really exist? And if he does, how did he create the universe? Well, this article will help you understand how God created the universe so that even as you call Him the creator of heaven and earth, you will have a deeper understanding. Let’s get started!

Universe was created via God’s powers:
The ‘laws of nature’, not necessarily God controls every activity in the universe. Everything that takes place or exists is as a result of these laws rather than God’s direct intervention. God isn’t a king who sits on his far away throne to direct directions of the universe. He is an infinite creative power who is the one that created these ‘laws of nature’ and therefore the universe came into existence.

Even though the laws of nature control every activity in the universe, it is only God who has complete power over the universe and the laws. The laws are just the arms that carry out God’s wishes, even though no one really knows what God’s wishes are. We all guess, even the most renowned weather forecasts.

The earthly concept of God the creator of everything is necessarily not based on myths and stories. When religious God is based on faith and myths told in the bible, the secular God the creator of the universe is based more on reasons. For example, this God created the laws of inertia, energy, gravity, mass, and many more but not on commandments and religions which are simply based on religious faith.

How did the laws of nature come into existence?
Did the ‘laws of nature’ exist or did they simply come spontaneously into existence? Or is there a brainy and creative power behind their existence? These questions are beyond the scope of science and they can only be discussed in the monarchy of philosophy and metaphysics, also known as human imaginations. Sciences only discover, theorize, and investigate on the physical laws of nature but we cannot believe in them 100%.

God (an intelligent power) created the ‘laws of nature’ and as a result of their action, the universe came into existence. If there were no laws of nature, then there would be no universe. The laws exist because God designed them, brought them into existence, and gave them domain over the universe.

Did the ‘laws of nature’ exist or they spontaneously come into existence?
Human beings, through the power of imaginations possess unique ability over animal kingdom and are able to imagine Gods existence. They are also able to comprehend some of the wonders that came into existence through these ‘laws of nature’. The laws are the phenomena that guide, create, and control everything in the universe. Gravity, inertia, quantum mechanics, biology electromagnetic emissions are just some of the laws that are invariant, all powerful, and unbreakable thus giving universe its unique personality.

Science has discovered and tried to explain some of these laws. Some explanations are correct, some are questionable, and there are probably others that are not yet discovered. This is because science is limited to discovering as well as explaining the law of nature. They have got no power to discover their origin since this is a domain of philosophers and metaphysics.

All human progress is based on their ability to imagine. Every step that mankind has made to progress throughout world existence began with someone’s imagination. This is because imagination is the key to mankind understanding. In the absence of imagination there could be no supernatural Gods, devils, aliens, myths, angels, stories, and more. Mankind imagination is the only connection that humans have with God the creator of everything. There would be no science, philosophy, or creativity if God did not give us power to imagine. This power makes us unique amongst the animal kingdom. With the above information, I hope you now have a clue of how God created the universe.